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Manufacturers and suppliers of onions in Iran

Where are the manufacturers and suppliers of onions in Iran? The onion of Iran is cultivated on a large scale. Iran has many suppliers and suppliers of onions. Buy onions directly from producers in Iran. The price of Iranian onions is very suitable.

Types of Variety

You can buy Iranian red onion from October. Iran’s onion has a perfect size and is completely red. Iranian red onions are exported to many countries.
White onion is one of the most popular onions for the Gulf states. You can buy Iranian white onion in different months. White onions can be packed in different sizes and sizes.
Yellow onion or golden onion is one of the most consumed onions in Iran. This onion is exported more than other onions. Iranian yellow onion has a good quality. This onion can be kept for up to 6 months.

Manufacturers and suppliers of onions Iran

Our collection specializes in onion field. Our collection of onions for domestic and export markets. You can buy our Iranian onions from the best prices. Onions are available with your customized specifications.

Place of origin
Red /Yellow /White Onion:3-5cm, 5-8cm, 6-9cm
Supply period
All year round
Storage Condition
Temperature 0-1ºC
10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag , 30kg/mesh bag or according to your requirement
Delivery Detail
Delivery in the shortest time
1*40″ FCL

Iran onion

Buy onions from suppliers and manufacturers. By purchasing onions from suppliers, it is more cost effective and more reliable. Connect with our collection to buy onions.

Name of Goods Onion
Weight   +150 kg or more
Packing 10، 15، 20، 25Kg per bags
Color Red، White، Yellow Onion
Package  800 per Truck
Shipping Refrigerated Truck
Est net weight  20000 Kg per Truck
Term of delivery
Time of Delivery 5 days after prepayment
Origin Iran
Tonnage supplied

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