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Import fresh garlic of Iran

Import fresh garlic from Iran is economical for most countries. The garlic of Iran is exported to the countries of Asia and Europe with the best quality and reasonable prices. You can also consider Iran in order to import garlic to your own country.

Import fresh garlic

Fresh garlic

The garlic taken from the ground is called fresh garlic. One of the finest ingredients in the garlic world. People in different countries use garlic to cook their meals. You can buy fresh garlic in two colors from this collection:

  • Red garlic
  • White garlic

Import fresh garlic

Import fresh garlic

Import of fresh garlic is done by different countries. New garlic is placed in suitable packaging and loaded and sent to refrigerated cars. You can contact us to import fresh garlic from Iran.

Import fresh garlic

Garlic in Iran

Iran is one of the largest garlic producers in the world. Garlic is cultivated in most cities of Iran. The garlic produced in Iran is mainly fresh and dried. Garlic is also very popular in Iran.

Import fresh garlic

Iran importing countries

If we want to name the countries that want to buy Iranian garlic and buy garlic from Iran, we should say that:

  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Kuwait
  • Emirates
  • Diameter
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • Kazakhstan
  • And …

Import fresh garlic

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