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red onion importers in dubai

red onion importers are available in Dubai with the best quality. Major imported onions from Dubai are imported from Iran. Our collection is ready to export the types of onions to Dubai. Emirati businessmen can buy Iranian red onions and white onions with Sowdasepiaz collection.

red onion importers

Red onion

Red onions are a variety of onions that are very welcomed in a number of countries. This sample of onions is used because of the color and flavor that most Western countries use.

red onion importers in dubai

Imported Onions

Most countries in the world are importing onions to supply their own onions. Imported onions are bought from countries that make onion intensively. Iran is one of the countries exporting onions throughout the year.

red onion importers in dubai
red onion importers

red onion importers in dubai from Iran. Onions are exported and imported in three different colors. These colors include:

  1. Yellow onion or golden onion
  2. White onion
  3. And Red onion.

Red imported onions are mainly from Iran, India and Pakistan.

red onion importers in dubai

Import of onions to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, because it imports most of its agricultural products, is among the countries where the buyer is red onion. Import of red onions from Iran to the city of Dubai every year. Our collection is one of the activists in this field.

red onion importers in dubai

Exports of Iranian Onions to Dubai

Due to the border between Iran and the UAE, the best option for exporting onions to the UAE is Iran. Exports of Iranian onions in all four seasons will take place in Dubai.

red onion importers in dubai

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