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Sale Hamedan Export Garlic with the best quality

The Sale Hamedan Export Garlic is done with the best quality and price in this collection. Hamadan garlic is a white garlic in the country that has many healing properties. Provide and export the garlic needed for export with the best packaging and sourced from the SowdaSepiaz.

Garlic Sale

Garlic is among the most consumable products in most countries of the world. Garlic in our country is also used in different meals in different forms. Garlic is one of the most important Iranian ingredients. One of the main uses of garlic include:

  • Food stuffing
  • Pickle
  • Use in products
  • Drug use and drug treatment
  • For poultry feed
  • And …

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Garlic Hamedan

One of the poles of garlic production in Iran is the city of Hamedan. White currant has been cultivated in Hamedan since ancient times. Cultivated garlic is often dried in the ground and the harvest is done after drying. Note that the Hamadan garlic is one of the best garlic for use due to its rapid growth, but due to many reasons, the garlic is still obscure.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

The export of Hamedan garlic to the countries around Iran is done instantly. The reasons for not issuing Iran’s white garlic due to its lower price than the garments of other countries can be:

  • Garlic culture traditionally
  • Garlic culture is unwise
  • Garlic cultivation by people who are not involved in this
  • The appearance of the garlic is not suitable
  • Absence of principle workshops
  • Uncertainty of Persian Garlic

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Why is garlic export in the country weak?

Why every year, due to the major cultivation of garlic in the country, its exports are poorly carried out?
Iran’s white garlic has not been welcomed in the global market due to its lack of proper appearance and lack of coarseness. For example, China, despite the fact that its garlic production is very poor in terms of quality compared to Iran, but because of its apparent appearance and good packaging, have taken global markets. Another factor is the unknown in the global market.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Best Persian Iranian Garlic

What is the best Iranian garlic? Which provinces produce white tea?
Maybe by saying white dry garlic, Hamedan is the white color, but it can be said that because of our country’s different cities with similar climate, Hamedan garlic can be found in other cities with the same quality. For example, these cities include:

  • Kermanshah
  • Lorestan
  • Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari
  • Shiraz
  • And …

Garlic seeds of Hamedan have been cultivated in these cities and have given a good result. The only problem with this is the cultivation of garlic, which specializes in harvesting garlic of different qualities.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Hamedan Garlic Prices

What is the price of Hamadan garlic during the year? Where do we charge prices?

The Soda Soup of Three Onions, with its specialized activity in selling garlic, has made it possible for you to buy Garlic throughout the year and get informed about prices. The price of Hamedan’s garlic has varied over the past two years, and each year it reaches the lowest level or the highest price for one year or the price of garlic. One of the reasons for the fluctuation of the prices of groups created in cyberspace is that it disturbs the balanced prices of the day.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Harvesting garlic Hamadan

Garlic harvesting begins in Hamedan from early July until mid-July. In Hamedan, it is possible to say that 43,000 tons of dried garlic are harvested annually, which requires large volumes to be exported to other countries. The dry grape harvest per hectare in Hamedan province averages 17 tons. Each year there are 2,776 hectares under cultivation in the province, which is a significant volume.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

Exports Hamedan Garlic

The export of Hamedan garlic starts from July, and continues until May of the following year. Among the countries buying the white garlic of Hamedan are:

  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Kuwait
  • Germany
  • Afghanistan
  • And …

These countries purchase Hamadan at different times of the year because of their neighbors to Iran.

Sale Hamedan Export Garlic

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