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Garlic exports to Russia with the best packaging

Garlic exports to Russia is possible with the best packaging in this set. Garlic is packaged and loaded in different types of dried and fresh at different prices for export to Russia. We examine the export of garlic in the years 2018 and 2019.

Garlic exports to Russia
Garlic exports to Russia

Garlic exports to Russia are among the activities and activities that we have been doing in these few years. Due to its size and geographic location, Russia can not cultivate garlic in different seasons, therefore, it is looking for garlic with the best quality and prices.
Iran is the country where the price of garlic is good for the Russian market. With good land and cheap labor, Iran has created the conditions for exporting and exporting different kinds of garlic to Russia.

Garlic exports to Russia
Garlic exports in 2018

How was the export of garlic in the year 2018?
Year 97 was one of the years when garlic export was not well done. At the beginning of the year 2018, according to the previous years, the garlic purchase orders were taken from Russia. The fresh garlic was bought and sold at a fair price comparable to previous years, and the prices were gradually increased with a slight decrease in fresh garlic. After the completion of the new garlic, dry grains were taken from the dry season, and the price of garlic dropped sharply.

Garlic exports to Russia
Types of Garlic Exports

Garlic, like other products, has different types and is used in different shapes. If we want to categorize garlic in general, then we have two examples:

  1. Fresh garlic
  2. Dry garlic

Both of these have two different colors:

  1. White garlic
  2. Red garlic

If we want to look at the amount of consumption of these two forms of garlic, we should state that red garlic is used more freshly for domestic consumption and export, and white garlic is used more dry. Each of these examples is used in a specific chapter for consumption and export.

Garlic exports to Russia
Exports of garlic to Russia

As you know, prices in markets and countries are determined by supply and demand, and you’ve seen many times that a year’s high-priced product is rising and in the coming years it has the lowest price in recent years. Agricultural products have these characteristics more. The price of garlic in Russia also depends on the price of garlic in Iran. Garlic, if it is high in our country, Russia chooses a second country to buy garlic, which will lower prices in Iran.

Garlic exports to Russia
Export status of garlic in year 2018

How was the export of garlic in the year 2018?
Garlic export was appropriate at the start of the year, and most of the fresh garlic was packed and exported. In 2018, dry garlic was a problem when the garlic export was very low and its price had reached its lowest level. And in the end of the year, the export status was a bit better. It should be experienced since 2018 and produce garlic with higher quality so that global countries are looking for our garments.

Garlic exports to Russia
Garlic export with best packing

The export of garlic requires a series of stages, which is at the beginning of the garlic packing discussion. Different products require a variety of packaging to move around for short paths and long paths. Today, each country has its own special packaging, and according to its packaging, countries are ordering products with custom packaging. Garlic packaging is usually done after the size and quality of the garlic is determined, and we refer to a number of them:

  1. Lace
  2. Baskets
  3. Sack
  4. Carton

These are four common packs for garlic that vary from country to country.
The garlic of Iran is exported to various countries around the world after packaging, which we call a number of:

  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Emirates
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Afghanistan
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • And …

Garlic exports to Russia
Garlic exports in 2019

Garlic exports were completely different from year 98 in 2019. This year, the start of the export was not very interesting, and garlic was purchased at very low prices and improved over time. And dry garlic, unlike last year, went up and its sales were better than fresh garlic. In order to be able to export garlic throughout the year and the prices are appropriate, we have to grow garlic with higher quality and garlic in the export market. Among other things, due to the lack of garlic in the case of buying garlic for export, it can hit our exports.

Garlic exports to Russia
Garlic exports to Kuwait

Garlic exports to Kuwait have flourished in recent years. Kuwait because of its neighbors to Iran has made it possible to export to this country. Kuwait has been doing business with other countries in Iran for a long time. Garlic is the most and most consumable garlic in the world, with the desire for white garlic more than the other garlic.

Garlic exports to Russia
Export the best of Iran to Russia

What types of garlic from Iran are exported to Russia?
Russia is one of the countries that is a customer of Iran’s garrison, and more than half of Iran’s exports to Russia are exported.
Among the garlic that are exported from Iran to Iran, it is possible to mention fresh red garlic. This sample of garlic is from late March of the Iranian harvest year and is issued at the same time as harvest.
In addition to dry garlic, Russia also buys dried garlic.

Garlic exports to Russia

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