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garlic price in iran | Iran Garlic Export Center

One of the oldest herbs used as food or even medicine by humans was called garlic, which, with its amazing properties, brings many benefits to the body and lives of many, preventing and curing many diseases. Our country has a long history in the field of garlic production and planting, which is why many of our prestigious agencies are recognized as the main and reputable center of garlic exports in year 2019 and of the highest quality. One has offered it to global markets. The price of garlic in Iran can be found in the center of garlic in Iran, Sowda Sepiaz Collection.

garlic price in iran

garlic production in iran

Iran is prone to grow plants such as garlic and onion due to its mild climate as well as fertile lands and every year good quality varieties of garlic and onions are produced in this city and offered to domestic markets; In the field of export of safflower in our country, Hamedan buy garlic for export to other countries and have achieved numerous successes in this field.

The different forms of garlic consumption among the people of the world are:

  • Use it raw
  • Use it for preparing pickles and especially garlic pickles
  • Make garlic powder and use it as a great seasoning
  • Fried
garlic price in iran

irani garlic

One of the biggest concerns of garlic exporting companies in our country is that the types of export garments that are offered for sale to the world markets are offered with the best quality and the cheapest price and reach the customers. They use themselves.
Experts in sales of fruit and vegetable varieties claim that the garlic produced in our country farms has a unique smell and taste, as well as a longer shelf life and is not easily destroyed and not destroyed; They are large and one-handed, and when used correctly for pickling, they create unparalleled beauty and harmony and have a positive impact on product sales.
Iranian garlic is one of the most rooted examples of garlic in the world, dating back several thousand years.

garlic price in iran

garlic price in iran

The bulk price of fresh garlic in Iran, which is offered by many reputable centers, is very cheap and affordable and is made available to customers with high quality.
Some of these centers buy fresh garlic from farmers and then clean it up and then pack it in order to satisfy their customers.
There are numerous types of properties that are found in garlic:

  • Powerful blood purifier
  • Increase the immune system’s potency
  • Cure for shortness of breath
  • Relieves toothache
  • Constipation healer

Many people refuse to use it because their mouths smell bad after eating garlic and may not enjoy garlic for many years, if the unique properties it contains can Humans can help in the way of health and treatment of many diseases.
We recommend that you use some lettuce or parsley to eliminate the smell of garlic, or use milk and honey after they are consumed. These substances will shorten the garlic odor and our body will Unique to enjoy.

garlic price in iran

Garlic exports to Russia, Georgia and Oman

This collection has a long history of exporting garlic to Russia, Pakistan, Georgia, Kuwait and Oman, and has been a long time in the markets of these countries in our country farms and they can be like us. Take advantage of the benefits of this small white plant.
You may also be interested to know that physicians recommend for those who are stressed and anxious to incorporate garlic into their daily diet plan to eat it fresh, dried, or pickled. And do not deprive your body of its many benefits.

garlic price in iran

Garlic export and import

Although our country is the leader in the Middle East market for garlic sales and exports, some reputable companies are also active as importers of fresh garlic and dried garlic and market needs for all types of garlic. Well supplied through its imports.
The prices of dried garlic offered by these companies are very cheap and affordable and you can safely buy and use them in your various foods.
One of the main customers of dried garlic is the food manufacturing industry and has used garlic as a professional flavoring ingredient to flavor products such as sausages, sausages, all kinds of ready-to-eat powders or sauces. This way their food products are unique and extraordinary.

garlic price in iran
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