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Good price list of high quality shallots in Iran

Shallots are from the family of garlic and onions, which are less spicy than them, and are widely used in pickles, yogurt, yogurt, dairy products, as well as food flavorings, etc., which are very tasty. It is effective and gives them a pleasant taste.

Sausages are sold in different forms in the market, the prices of which are different, and for information on the daily price list of high-quality shallots in the market, you can use the Internet and refer to the sites and stores in it. He did and got help.

Shallots were often produced in the wild, also known as “mountain garlic”, but have recently been found to be planted in the spring and fall, which is the best time for planting and yielding. It is better to plant it with seeds, which are often shallots.

Good price list shallots in Iran

Fresh and dried shallots shopping center

There are different types of shallots sold in the market, which are either planted or grown in mountainous areas.

Take some of them off the ground and sell them fresh and wet to the people, which you can buy and dry at home so you can have them for a long time and use them.

But shallots are also turned into dried sheets, which have a high durability in this type and are used for food, pickles, etc.

Fresh and dried shallots are very limited in the country because they are relatively expensive and therefore low in production.

But shallots in Hamedan are one of the best types that have made this city one of the most important centers for buying fresh and dried shallots in the country.

Also, this city has been very successful in planting onions and quality garlic, and Hamedan onion is one of the best-selling onions in Iran.

The existence of garlic planting machine in Hamedan has caused the income of garlic per hectare to be very high for them and has a great profitability for its producers.

The price of shallots in the market is a bit high, but even people in some cities can grow garlic in a greenhouse, and the income from planting garlic in the greenhouse can be very good and profitable for them.

price list shallots in Iran

Export of dried shallots to Iraq and the UAE

Iran’s shallot is different from similar samples and has a unique and wonderful taste and aroma that has made it distinguished and famous in the world and has increased its fans abroad.

Shallots are widely used as flavorings and condiments for food products, as well as medicinal properties, which are highly recommended for use.

Shallots are marketed in both fresh and dried layers and shallots powder, the dry type of which is very suitable for export, and neighboring countries such as Iraq and the UAE, etc. are regular customers of shallots in Iran, which is part of Our products are shipped there.

price list shallots in Iran

Sale of freshly harvested shallots

Some of the newly planted shallots are sold fresh, which is naturally much more affordable than the dried type, and if you know how to dry them properly, it is much cheaper to buy freshly picked shallots.

The price of shallots in the country is high because the price of shallots is higher than the variety of seeds and therefore has increased its value.

price list shallots in Iran

Supply of first-class shallots in Iran

The supply of first-class shallots in our country is well done, and its producers, by learning new production and planting methods, provide high-quality and high-quality shallots to the people and market them.

In addition to the domestic market, the high quality of domestic shallots has made foreign markets more interested in supplying shallots from our country, and our producers also have a part of the markets of countries such as Iraq, Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. To take.

price list shallots in Iran

Wholesale export shallots prices

As you know, all manufacturers offer discounts for customers who want to buy in bulk, and wholesale has always been associated with lower prices.

Manufacturers consider the price of wholesale export shallower to be much cheaper in order to satisfy the customer and also attract more of them to future purchases, which has led to an increase in our customers abroad, and by doing so, the producers have succeeded. Expand the export level of shallots.

price list shallots in Iran

Buy all kinds of dried shallots online in bulk

To expand the sales of their products in all cities, shale producers have been selling them in absentia and indirectly, which has facilitated sales for both parties.

For this purpose, they have created online sales sites and offer indirect sales of their products by placing all kinds of shallots in them and offering reasonable production prices.

Buying all kinds of dried shallots online is much more economical, because it does not require extra time and money, and it is easy to make the best purchase.

There are also online stores where shale producers can sell more of their products.

The existence of these sales methods has greatly affected the stability of prices and has caused the products to reach consumers at more reasonable prices and to prevent their intermediaries and false prices.

price list shallots in Iran

persian shallot bulbs

There are many ways to dry shallots by their producers, and it is easier and cheaper to dry them in the sun, so they are used more.

Dried sunflower shavings are more in demand and easier to maintain and have a longer shelf life, which is why there are many online stores that sell dried sunflower shallots and other types and make it easier for people to buy. They have made it easy.

price list shallots in Iran
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