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Natural Garlic Manufacturing Process

Natural Garlic is a plant that needs enough light and a good temperature, and it is a vegetable that needs 15 hours of light to grow well. In the early stages, garlic grows vegetatively and requires less time during the day, and during the production of garlic and tubers, it needs more daylight to grow. Garlic should be grown in fertile, high-quality soils with low moisture content.

Natural Garlic Manufacturing Process

Natural Garlic Manufacturing Steps

Natural Garlic Manufacturing Steps	Garlic planting time: a Garlic is planted with the onset of cold. Planting garlic during the heat and spring will cause the garlic bushes to shrink, and because it germinates with the onset of the cold season, it will cause it to freeze. And it will destroy your product.

Suitable soil for planting garlic:

The soil used for this purpose should not be clay soils and drained soils should be used Before planting, the soil should be well plowed to obtain soft soil.

Garlic planting method:

The method of planting garlic is very important. For planting this product, two methods of cultivating corticosteroids are used. The best method of planting garlic is the method of stacking garlic. They plant 10-7 cm from each other and the appropriate depth for planting should be 3-5 cm. Place the arrows on the ground so that the tip is high and the end is down.

Correct tips for planting:

Note that the colder the area, the deeper you should plant the garlic. The greater the distance between the planted rows, the more absorption of sunlight. One method of planting garlic is by hand. With this method, the garlic is well placed on the ground and does not catch the air around it. The cloves should have a small shell. Use healthy gums so that your product does not get sick. In winter, pay attention to frozen garlic so that your product does not suffer from pests. Do not separate the cloves until they are planted so that they do not lose their moisture and dry out. Do not use seedlings that are small or have soft flesh for planting.

Choosing the right seed for planting garlic:

Using the right seeds is very important in increasing the quality of the product. To sow the seeds, farmers will keep part of their garlic crop for next year, and you should know that in sowing the seeds, the large size of the seed is not a criterion for having good quality products, and medium-sized seedlings should be used, so the largest seedlings Use it for sale and medium for next year’s seeds.

Product Irrigation:

Garlic is a plant that needs enough moisture. Soil type is important in the amount of irrigation of this product. If the soil is light, less water is needed, and if the soil is heavy, the amount of irrigation should be increased and the irrigation should be continued until one month before harvest.

Product fertilizer:

Garlic is a plant that needs fertile soil, so it is important to use fertilizers. Use clay fertilizers for clay soils and chemical fertilizers for sandy soils. 


When the lower leaves of this plant turn yellow, it is a sign of maturity and yield. Harvesting garlic does not take long and be careful when harvesting the product with a shovel, so as not to damage the garlic.

In this article, you will learn how to plant garlic and how to irrigate and harvest it. Thank you for your sincere support.if a man uses of garlic It is better to know that garlic, in addition to its many benefits, can cause side effects if consumed in excess. Know the garlic side effects below. Excessive consumption of garlic can cause headaches, liver and stomach damage, headaches, muscle aches and loss of appetite, chemical burns of the mouth, hematoma in the kidneys and allergic reactions.

Natural Garlic Factories

Natural Garlic FactoriesGarlic Powder Factory produces this product using the equipment and machinery at its disposal. Among the important equipments for producing garlic powder, we can mention the drying machine, which also has many models. Garlic powder factories usually produce several production lines simultaneously. The production of bulk garlic powder is done in packages in different weights and is supplied through distribution channels. Today, Iran even has the ability to produce high-quality pure garlic powder by international standards, as well as export it to any country.

Buying bulk garlic powder from the factory always has many benefits, and businessmen and commercial companies often prefer to buy bulk garlic and bulk garlic powder from the factory. Garlic powder is one of the food products that many companies are active in producing and selling today. Garlic powder is purchased in bulk at different prices, and traders are looking for the lowest possible price.

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