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shallots sales and wholesale price center in Iran

The sales center and the wholesale price of shallots in the market vary depending on the type of product and the materials used in its production. Today, shallots have a high price in the Iranian market. This product is used both alone and in combination with other materials and has attracted the attention of different segments of society due to its delicious taste. The high benefits of this product, such as strengthening the mind and memory, as well as the warm temperament of this product, are another reason for the large number of customers.

shallots sales in Iran

The best-selling type of shallots in Iran

The best-selling type of shallots in Iran is Hamedan shallots. In the suburbs of this city, there are different regions of the country that produce and supply this product. The fresher the shallots, the higher the price and the greater the benefits. Shallots are used alone or in combination with other substances.

In Aligudarz, Isfahan, shallots are also planted and harvested. This type of shallot is widely cultivated due to the cold and humid climate of Aligudarz province. Moss cultivation is abundant in Aligudarz and quality products are produced. These products are shipped nationwide.

shallots sales in Iran

Planting shallots in agricultural land

Planting shallots on agricultural land this year is more than in previous years. Due to the high profitability of this plant, as well as the beneficial effects that this plant has on the human body, the demand for this product has increased. This product is several times more profitable than saffron and countless agricultural lands are cultivated with this product.

The price of each kilo of fresh shallots varies according to the quality of this product. The first-class and high-quality products are for export and are also exported to neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf and the Oman and Arabian Seas of the region. Every year, a lot of foreign exchange from exports enters the country.

shallots sales in Iran

shallots cultivation time in Iran

When is the time of shallot cultivation in Iran or when is the season of fresh shallots? To answer this question, you should know that the time of cultivation is October 1 to the end of November. The agricultural lands of Aligudarz province are suitable and several tons of shallots can be harvested from these lands and they are considered to be the most productive agricultural lands.

The harvested product is taken by various machines, whether truck or Nissan, to sales centers in Aligudarz province, and in the local market, these products are purchased in bulk or in whole by customers. Buyers can also register their purchase order online in the trading systems of this product in Aligudarz province to be sent to them.

Many buyers buy products directly from the farmer and from the land. This type of purchase is economical for both the seller and the buyer, and the hands of brokers and intermediaries are cut short, and the price of shallots is halved, and this fair product reaches the hands of consumers. In direct purchases, the buyer can purchase the original product at a discount according to his needs.

shallots sales in Iran

Sausage prices in the Iranian market

The price of shallots in the Iranian market is different. There are different types of seeds that are offered to the customer according to his needs. Farmers procure the seeds from the shallow market in their hometown. This product is a glandular plant that does not have many seeds. Seed price varies depending on the region in which it is planted and its quality.

You can buy shallot seeds online and offline. For those who live in parts of the country that are long distances to the malls and also do not have enough time and money to go to these centers, they can make their purchases through online stores.

Visit the site to find out the prices. There are several phone numbers on this site, with which you can call the production centers and find out how to sell this product and prices.

shallots sales in Iran

The largest producer of shallots in Iran

The largest shale producers are operating in the country. These producers, who are often in the cities of Aligudarz or Hamedan, have a lot of good land that can be harvested from several tons of shallots annually. Quality products that have many customers both inside Iran and abroad.

Dried and wet shallots grow as a car, but many first sow the seeds and grow shallots and send the product to markets across the country. These products are sold in the markets at different prices.

shallots sales price center in Iran

Sales of dried shallots began in Iran

Sales of dried shallots began in Iran. Dried shallots are a type of car that is cultivated and harvested in all parts of Iran. This product is consumed alone or in combination with other products. Sausage is sold on the site. In this site, all kinds of samples of this product with full specifications as well as the areas where this plant has been cultivated and harvested are exposed to the customer’s view and the customer can choose according to his taste.

shallots sales price center in Iran

Buy dried plaque shallots

Purchased dried shallots can be purchased through sites or sales centers. Fresh shallots are peeled and sealed with the help of manpower. Drying and drying of this product is due to the fact that it can be used in the seasons when this product is not planted and harvested.

It is better to eat fresh shallots so that the benefits do not disappear, but in the months when they are not cultivated, we have no choice but to use the dried ones. The prices of these products are also different, so it is better to refer to the sales sites to find out the final price of these products.

shallots sales in Iran

persian shallot buy

Mossir exports to Malaysia and other countries and imports a lot of currency annually. Mossir tissue cultivation is carried out in large areas of the country, and after harvest, this product is sent to other countries with the help of commercial companies or traders and merchants.

Iranian shallot is a popular type that has customers in all parts of the world.

shallots sales in Iran
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