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Fresh Garlic Bulbs Manufacturers

Garlic is one of the plants whose healing properties have been proven to humans for centuries. A healthy diet should always be rich in a variety of proteins and vitamins. The properties of garlic make this small and white plant always be used fresh and raw in its growing season, and in other seasons as pickles, etc. This medicinal plant is one of the oldest medicines used in ancient Egypt, and today there are many varieties of garlic in the world and it is generally warm and dry. Garlic can be introduced as a health extract. If you would like to learn about the “fresh garlic bulbs and how to store fresh garlic from the garden  “, join us in this article.
Fresh Garlic Bulbs Manufacturers

Fresh Garlic Bulbs Manufacturing Process

Fresh Garlic Bulbs Manufacturing Process	How to store peeled garlic cloves ? you should put them in a dry air with its cloves. we explain it now. stay with us. Garlic does not produce true seed but is propagated by planting cloves, which are the small bulbs or segments making up the garlic bulb. Each bulb usually contains a dozen or more cloves; each clove is planted separately. Select only larger outer cloves of the best garlic bulbs for planting. The larger cloves yield larger size, mature bulbs at harvest. Do not divide the bulb until ready to plant; early separation decreases yields. Select “seed bulbs” that are large, smooth, fresh, and free from disease.To plant garlic properly, dig a hole or trench, place the unpeeled clove gently into the hole with the pointed side up (the scar [stem] end down) and cover the clove with soil. Setting the cloves in an upright position ensures a straight neck. Approximately 2-3 pounds of garlic bulbs will plant 100 feet of row. The amount will vary depending on variety (number of cloves per pound), row width, and plant spacing . Plant cloves 1-3″ deep and 6″ apart. Rows are usually planted 12-14″ apart. In colder areas of the state, cloves may be planted slightly deeper for winter protection. Mulching will help protect bulbs from severe cold and will help conserve moisture. Irrigate immediately after planting. 

Fresh Garlic Bulbs Manufacturers

Fresh Garlic Bulbs ManufacturersGarlic exports more than $ 2.11 billion worldwide. The largest exporters are China, Spain, Argentina and the Netherlands. The growth of edible garlic exports in the last 5 years shows more than 3% growth. In 2016 and 2017, exports even reached $ 3.5 billion. The producers of this product have been able to export their products to the international markets by applying the principles of marketing and packaging

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