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German Red Garlic Exporters

German red garlic exporters always try to offer these products at reasonable prices to satisfy their customers. Fresh red garlic is one of the exported garlic that is usually bought and sold in fresh form. Due to its freshness, this garlic sample is sold in a period of three to four months, and its market is in the spring and summer, after which it must be sold dry. German Red Garlic Exporters

German Red Garlic Exports to the World

German Red Garlic Exports to the World German red garlic exporters  sells these products in bulk. red garlic vs white has more properties and antioxidants. german white garlic, like its red variety, is very popular in the market. Export garlic should be the right size and without any bumps or damage and should be prepared with proper packaging, which today is 50% if the quality of the product is another 50% is the packaging and arrangement of the product.

After harvesting, fresh garlic should be harvested for export, and the garlic is harvested with leaves during harvest to increase its shelf life. The harvested garlic should be cut with a knife and there should be four fingers of garlic on the garlic so that the garlic does not dry out too soon. After cleaning the garlic, they put it in plastic baskets, which is called garlic garlic. Of course, keep in mind that in this process, the garlic cloves are separated.

Global German Red Garlic Exporters

Global German Red Garlic Exporters Global German red garlic exporters make a lot of money by selling this product because many people are aware of the properties of this type of garlic. Export red garlic is different from other types of garlic in domestic markets, so that red garlic is usually sold more for domestic markets with leaves, and in the case of sort, garlic has a short stem, but in red garlic, the accuracy and quality of sort are It goes up and the garlics are put in large sizes in a stylish and clean way in specific packages.

One of the most popular routes among neighboring countries and different cities of the country is garlic. Garlic, like other products, has different qualities. So this makes the prices in this product different. In red garlic, the size of the garlic is also very influential in its price. And the larger the garlic, the higher the grade.

The buyer of the export route can be introduced as traders in that field and intermediaries between traders. Due to its different qualities, export garlic should be purchased from collections active in this field so that it can be done in the best way.

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