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Price list of first-class Iranian shallots

First-class shallots are produced in the country and are found in abundance. This product can also be purchased at very cheap and reasonable prices. As mentioned, the price of shallots and the price of shallots in the country is very reasonable, and buyers can buy this type of shallots from the sales centers with good conditions. It is necessary to explain that different conditions are effective in determining the price of these products, but in general, the price of shallots in the country’s markets is very favorable, and considering that these products are available in various qualities, the value of these samples together They are different and are marketed at the same different prices. In Iranian cities such as Tehran, the quality of these products is very high and the people of Tehran can buy all kinds of shallots in the Tehran market with high quality.

Price list Iranian shallots

Major exports of shallots in Iran

Annually, a large number of types of shallots are produced in the country and, as mentioned earlier, they are used in various jobs and due to the excessive production of dried shallots in Iran, of course, the export of this type of products. It is also abundant in other countries, and a large number of garlic varieties are exported annually to countries outside Iran.

In fact, the export of these products has a large share in the country’s economy. The price of exported mountain shallots is very reasonable, and the export of this type of products is high due to the reasonable prices.

Price list Iranian shallots

Buy and sell first-class export shallots

Every year, high-quality shallots are produced in the country throughout the country, and wholesale of Iranian shallots is done in many Iranian stores. As mentioned before, in many centers of our country, these shallots are sold in bulk or in bulk.
These samples are also sold in special packages and are consumed by the buyer. There are also many wholesalers in the country who, at a very reasonable price and perhaps cheaper than other places, also sell wholesale shallots and provide these products to other consumers, and it is worth mentioning that the price of each kilo of shallots It is also very convenient and cheap in these centers.

Price list Iranian shallots

Supplier of shallots in Iran

There are many cities in the country that supply various types of shallots in the country. There are many supply centers in Iranian cities that have a very large share in the supply and production of various products mentioned in the country. These centers produce a large amount of shallots every year and supply and distribute them to other cities in the country.
Shallot cultivation in Aligudarz has also been very effective in producing quality shallots in the country and is one of the most important suppliers of this product in this field. Hamedan shallots are also supplied annually in the country by this city. In addition to these centers, there are many manufacturing companies and factories that supply shallots in the country and help a lot to supply and produce these products in the country, and these reasons have led to high production of shallots in our country.

Price list Iranian shallots

Export of shallots to the countries bordering the Persian Gulf

Iran is one of the largest producers of shallots in the world and therefore has a high potential for exports. In addition, shallots produced in Iran are of higher quality due to the less use of pesticides by farmers, and their prices are more reasonable compared to other products, which is why it has attracted many fans in foreign markets. One of the largest importers of shallots in Iran is the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, and a large volume of the mentioned sample is also exported to these countries.

Price list Iranian shallots

Import of Iranian shallots to the UAE

Every year, a large amount of Iranian shallots are exported to the UAE, and many of them are imported to Turkey. Imported shallots are mainly re-exported after import and processing, and some of them are used in various cases.
Due to the fact that Iran itself has a lot of resources from this product, it does not import much for this product, but in some cases, when the country lacks shallots, they import from countries such as Turkmenistan. The largest importer of quality shallot products to the country is from Asian countries. As mentioned, Iran does not have much need for shallots, and a large amount of these original samples are produced in the country every year.

Price list Iranian shallots

Buyers of Iranian shallots

The purchase of Iranian shallots in the market is done in large quantities, and different types of shallots are produced in very different qualities and are also used by buyers. In general, their sales in the country are relatively high and there are many fans for this type of products in our country.
Every year, a large number of wild shallots are produced in our country, and a large share of the production of this product in the country is related to the production of various types of these products. In general, as it was said, the purchase of these shallots in our country is done by many buyers.

Price list Iranian shallots

Super selling cheap shallots

In the country, there are many reputable centers that buy and sell shallots in bulk, and buyers can go to the stores of shallot products and its distribution agency and buy a variety of shallots. There are many stores across the country that also buy and sell cheap shallots.

These stores sell all kinds of shallots on a daily basis, and the reason for their high sales is that they are so reputable that they have attracted a lot of buyers, and it is always the case that buyers visit these stores because of the quality of this. The devices were also extremely satisfied.

Price list Iranian shallots
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