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Garlic exports to Russia and Turkey with the best quality

Although everyone knows garlic as a seasoning, garlic is a medicinal plant. When we talk about the properties and benefits of garlic, we should also consider the little smell that this medicinal plant creates, although this smell is not only annoying for the lovers of this medicinal plant, but may even be lovable.

This medicinal plant is used to prevent and treat various diseases. Fresh garlic seeds or garlic tablets are used as medicine. Garlic is used to treat a variety of heart and blood diseases, including high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack and hardening of the arteries (hardening of the arteries).

Some people use garlic to prevent colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Garlic is also used to treat prostate and bladder cancers. Garlic is also used to treat enlarged prostate, diabetes, arthritis, arthritis, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), traveler’s diarrhea, high blood pressure in late pregnancy, colds, prevention and treatment of bacterial and fungal infections.

Other uses include garlic to treat fever, cough, headache, abdominal pain, sinus congestion, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, high blood sugar and snake bites. Be. Garlic is also used to fight stress and fatigue and keep the liver healthy.

Some people use garlic oil to treat fungal infections, warts and corns. Although scientific research shows that garlic can cure fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, the effectiveness of garlic oil on warts and corns has not been proven. The pain and completion of the above will be expressed in the following words: selling export garlic, buying and selling garlic in Tehran, garlic daily price, wholesale garlic sale, fresh garlic price 97 garlic price, Hamedan dried garlic price, Hamedan fresh garlic price, price Fresh and dried garlic Price of fresh garlic 98, sale of Hamedan garlic in Tehran, properties of garlic for skin, amount of garlic consumed per day, fresh garlic, in the market, price of garlic in leek fields, online sale of garlic, import of garlic, purchase and sale of garlic Hamadan province, cells.

Purchasing dried garlic in person and online in all cities of the country is available to buyers and people can buy dried garlic at specific prices for their food and medicine.

Garlic exports to Russia

Selling export garlic

Selling export garlic As you know, plant products are an important part of people’s lives in different countries. Human nutrition depends on these products. One of the most important agricultural products produced in all countries is garlic. Garlic is produced as an onion and has a cubic growth. Garlic is produced in white color and has a special taste. This product has a combination that in addition to oral use has medicinal and therapeutic properties and its consumption is recommended for all age groups. Garlic has global and international sales markets between different countries, and in these markets, samples are offered that have the best quality and taste, so that its sales are highly welcomed by customers and buyers. Garlic is produced in wet and dry form, each of which has its own properties. Dried garlic has significant properties for promoting physical health, which makes it an amazing product on the market.
Garlic in its composition contains important elements such as:

  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin c

Is. All of these elements are important for the physical health of the body. By including garlic in their diet, people can meet the body’s need for these substances and compensate for their lack of physical condition.

Garlic exports to Russia and Turkey with the best quality

Garlic production center in Iran

Cities such as:

  • Khuzestan
  •   Khorasan
  •  Kermanshah
  •  Shiraz
  •  Tabriz
  •   Ardabil
  • Hormozgan
  •  Zanjan

And many other cities are major producers of garlic in the country. Garlic of Hamedan is one of the famous examples in taste and quality, which has made its supply in the sales markets welcomed by buyers. First-class dried garlic can be purchased in domestic sales markets with quality assurance and price. Dried garlic is used in cooking a variety of foods and in many cases it is recommended due to its medicinal properties. Garlic contains a combination of minerals needed by the body and can easily supply these substances to the body.

Garlic exports to Russia

Types of export garlic

  1.  Garlic white
  2.  Garlic red

 These two colors of garlic are harvested for domestic markets for export to different countries of the Persian Gulf and are placed in custom packages. Exported garlic has a unique taste with high quality. Various types of export garlic can be purchased in domestic markets through agencies selling exported agricultural products.

Due to its high quality, Iran’s garlic has many fans in international sales markets and the number of its customers is increasing every day. Dried garlic exports have different selling prices than those offered in domestic markets because the production costs and supply costs are not the same.

One of the ways to access the export samples of this product is to refer to online sales sites and online stores that import all kinds of quality garlic directly from the production centers to the sales markets. In addition, online shopping eliminates the additional costs of face-to-face shopping for customers.

Garlic exports to Russia

Dried garlic for export

Good quality dried garlic has the basic properties of fresh garlic, and by consuming it, you can benefit from the useful and amazing properties of fresh garlic. By doing a few simple internet searches, you can identify the best brands of dried garlic produced in the domestic market, so that you can choose these safe and superior brands when you visit the market.

Garlic exports to Russia

Quality fresh and dried garlic seller for export

The seller of high quality fresh and dried garlic for sale. The seller of high quality fresh and dried garlic is the sales agents of exported agricultural products. Iran is one of the main countries in garlic production. Every year, a large amount of garlic produced in the country is sent to other countries. Customers who want to buy all kinds of export garlic in the domestic market can do so by visiting the stores that supply export garlic. Garlic is sent to other countries in both fresh and dried form for sale in international markets. Each of them has a wide range of oral and pharmaceutical uses.

Garlic exports to Russia

First class distributor throughout Iran

The ranking of brands of pickles produced in Iran will be based on the information in the table below. You can help this center in ranking products with your comments. Distributor of first-class garlic to all over the country, companies and distribution centers are reputable brands that offer all kinds of garlic after production in sales markets across the country.

Good quality garlic is an example that has its basic properties and its taste is at its best. In order to be able to use high quality garlic in all seasons, it is produced in dry and powdered form so that buyers can enjoy the properties of garlic in all seasons.

Good quality dried garlic is offered by different brands in the sales markets, and the choice of each of these brands depends on the needs, tastes and financial capabilities of customers. Most of the dried garlic brands for customers and buyers who do not have access to high quality samples of this product in person, are also offered online and online.

Garlic import and export company to different parts of the world
The company of importing and exporting garlic and leeks to different parts of the world, on the other hand, the high durability of garlic in Hamedan and its remarkable capability in the consumption and food industries, has given a special place to this product in the country.

In this context, the unique taste, flavor and quality of garlic in Hamedan has created special advantages for the competition of this product in commercial, herbal and medicinal markets in the world, and Iraq, Turkey, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf countries are the most important buyers of garlic. Be Hamedan.

Hamedan Jihad Agricultural Organization’s Deputy for Plant Production Improvement said: Hamedan province, with 4,400 hectares of land under dry garlic cultivation and annual production of 60,000 tons of this product, has the first rank in dry garlic production in the country.

Mohammad Shahram Parvaresh added: The area under cultivation of this crop last year was 2,562 hectares and 34,886 tons of crop was harvested from it.

Referring to the acceptance of Hamedan garlic in the market of neighboring countries, he said: Last year, 2,636 tons of dried garlic of Hamedan worth $ 3.1 million were exported and in the first four months of this year, 1,223 tons of product worth 1.1 million The dollar has been issued.

Parvaresh stated that white garlic is one of the cultivars of Hamedan garlic that has the best yield in light and sandy clay soils in the city, adding: Hamedan province along with Mazandaran, Gilan, Zanjan, Khuzestan, Isfahan and Kerman provinces are the main producers of garlic in They are the country.

Garlic exports to Russia

The largest garlic producing countries

Iran is also ranked 25th in the world with a production of 54,000 tons. Among Iran’s neighbors, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Pakistan have more production than Iran. Garlic needs special climatic conditions to grow, which is provided in most cities of the country, so most of the country’s provinces are among the main producers of garlic in the country.

Garlic has global markets for sale in all countries, and the best products of different countries are offered in this market for sale and purchase. The production process of Iran has good and useful properties for the health of the body and many countries are buying it. Garlic produced in the country has many fans in global markets due to its proven beneficial properties, and significant sales of this product are made every year for foreign countries.

In the domestic markets, a variety of garlic is produced in other countries so that customers have access to better and more variety of this herbal product and can safely do their shopping.

Buy all kinds of export garlic online at reasonable prices
Online shopping for all kinds of export garlic at a reasonable price Customers can buy garlic in two ways:

  • Buy garlic in the traditional way
  •  Buy apples online

How to buy internet garlic in the country How to buy garlic online from which collection With the development and advancement of technology in today’s society, time and time have become very, very important. Buying and selling is one of these options. Sales of various products online.

 Buying garlic depends on different consumption and forms. In addition to shopping in the traditional way, you can buy online online shopping in such a way that you announce your order and buy it according to what you want. In online shopping, it has been considered more economical and convenient to offer sales prices because it has entered the markets directly from the manufacturing plants.

Are sold.

Online shopping for dried garlic is done using the possibility of ordering mail, which will be delivered to the buyer’s door as soon as possible, and they can save on their purchase costs.

Garlic exports to Russia

Direct order of garlic in bulk from the original manufacturer

Unpackaged dried garlic is reasonably priced, so selling bulk dried garlic is booming. Unpackaged dried garlic can be used in packages suitable for sale in the market. Unpackaged dried garlic is cheaper than packaging, which is why it has attracted the attention of buyers.

Customers who need a lot of garlic are better off buying it in bulk to save money. Because the wholesale price of garlic is determined by taking into account the highest sales discounts and the most economical selling price set in the domestic market.

Today, various brands in the country offer a variety of packaged dried garlic, each of which has different selling prices. There is no denying that customers pay special attention to the selling price when buying this product and are looking for a cheap shopping experience. Packaged dried garlic can be purchased in different weights. To avoid extravagance, customers can purchase a package with the weight they need.

Garlic exports to Russia

Garlic properties for health

Garlic is an antiseptic and antiseptic.
Eating garlic increases the body’s immunity to disease.
Garlic is a wormicide.
Garlic stimulates and strengthens the body.
Garlic is a cure for colds and flu.
Garlic has a good effect in treating tuberculosis
It dilutes the blood flow
Garlic has a good effect on shortness of breath
Regular consumption of garlic destroys the potential of the mosquito.
Garlic is hot and dry, so it eliminates moisture from the stomach and relieves joint pain.
Garlic cures back pain, sciatica and gout.
Garlic is very useful for strengthening sexual power and increasing sperm production in cold-tempered people.
Those who urinate drop by drop must eat garlic to cure their disease.
Garlic relieves lung ulcers and stomach pain.
Garlic breaks and removes kidney stones.
Cook garlic with cumin to strengthen teeth.
Rubbing cooked garlic on the tooth relieves toothache.
Burn the jar and mix it with honey and make a paste of it. This ointment is useful for removing blood clots under the eyelids.
Garlic is good for diuretic water because it is diuretic.
Use garlic poultice to remove the soles of the soles of the feet.
Garlic poultice is very effective in relieving rheumatic and nervous pains.
Use garlic syrup to disinfect the respiratory tract during relevant illnesses:
Mix 100 grams of garlic with 200 grams of water and 200 grams of sugar or boil it and boil it until it is crushed. Consumption for this purpose is three tablespoons per day.
Newly used in one of the American hospitals to disinfect the hospital space.
Pastor, a famous French physician, has performed many experiments on garlic and confirmed the bactericidal effect of garlic.
Garlic is an anticoagulant and blood clot.
In the Soviet Union, garlic is known as penicillin, and usually when the flu spreads, the Soviet population consumed 500 tons of garlic in the few years that the flu spread.
Eating garlic destroys cancer cells.
An American scientist researching AIDS at the University of Florida believes that garlic has a positive effect on pain.
Consumption of garlic lowers blood cholesterol. Reduces the amount of LDH. Garlic for this purpose is 30 grams per day. Interestingly, by consuming garlic in the first few months, cholesterol levels may rise, and this is because cholesterol is expelled from the tissues and into the bloodstream, from where it is excreted. He ate half a raw garlic.

Garlic exports to Russia

Large garlic and leek market in the country

The official continued by pointing out that Zanjan province has the second rank in garlic production in terms of level and garlic production, the second rank in the country, and continued: Zanjan is one of the most important centers of garlic production and this year over 80,000 tons of garlic Tarom city will be harvested and marketed. In the sales markets all over the country, it is possible for buyers to buy Zanjan garlic.

Tehran is one of the main suppliers of garlic in the country and the products offered in its sales markets are sent by distribution companies to stores all over the country. Garlic has high sales in the country because all people are looking to take advantage of its beneficial properties.
Garlic Grand Bazaar is available to all buyers in person and online. Garlic is used in a variety of foods and salads. In order for its properties to fully reach the body, its raw use is the best choice.

Garlic exports to Russia

Garlic price per day in Tareh Bar squares

Dried garlic is a quality and excellent product that is produced in Tabriz in a hygienic and healthy way and has a lot of export due to its reasonable price. Dried summer products are one of the sources of export income, which is due to the quality of Iranian products. It has good buyers.

The daily price of garlic in the fields of Tareh Bar is determined by various factors, the most important of which is the cost of production in agricultural lands. Garlic has different selling prices in different seasons of the year. In stores that have wholesale supply, foot selling prices

Garlic exports to Russia
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