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Buy Iranian dried garlic for export

The best Iranian garlic brand and plant importer is called garlic and has a long history, and according to available historical sources, humans have been planting and using garlic for almost five thousand years.

Historical legends also show that the Egyptian pharaohs considered garlic to have magical properties and considered it to be a plant with magical properties. To this end, they fed the slaves who worked to build the pyramids of Egypt, so that they could keep the necessary force for hard work and the movement of the stones of the strong pyramids.

According to research, the best brand of Iranian garlic belongs to the Hamedan region, which is known as the center of garlic production in the country and the producer of the best type of garlic. In fact, the garlic of Hamedan is exported to other countries, especially the European regions and the countries of the Persian Gulf, and part of the economy of this region of the country depends on the trade of garlic.

Buy Iranian dried garlic

Export of dried garlic to Kuwait

Export of dried garlic to Quetteman As mentioned, Hamedan province is known in the country as the center of garlic production. Tuyserkan city, which is located in this province, is also one of the large-scale garlic production centers.

Therefore, part of the production of this region is dedicated to domestic consumption and part to consumption in other countries. For this reason, the export of dried garlic and other products related to garlic products, including part of the economy of Hamadan province.

The purchase of fresh garlic and dried garlic for export is done by traders and commercial companies that trade in destinations such as Kuwait by determining the wholesale price of dried garlic and the price list of dried garlic to destination countries.

One of the issues that garlic exporters face is the problems related to the processing and packaging of this product, and serious work must be done in this regard. Equipping producers with garlic processing workshops as well as packing garlic in the right way are some of the solutions that can be effective in this regard….

Buy Iranian dried garlic

Garlic sales representative in Iran

Garlic sales representative
Iran to buy cheap dried garlic and to know the daily price of dried garlic, sales agents are the best place for these items. Sales representatives in Tabriz and different parts of the country are suppliers of garlic in various forms. For example, the:

Garlic is one of the foods and plants whose continuous and balanced consumption can fight many diseases. Therefore, garlic consumption is very common among Iranian households and is one of the raw materials and food flavorings. Sales agents provide wholesale purchases for all vendors across the country. Therefore, by announcing the wholesale price of dried garlic, they buy and sell this product to applicants in different regions.

Buy Iranian dried garlic

Buy Iranian dried garlic

The buyer of cheap dried garlic is a vegetable garlic that is darker than onion or alum, which is associated with shallots, onions and leeks. Garlic is one of the most popular types of condiments in the world, which is why it is considered by many chefs around the world.

Even in ancient times, such as in ancient times, garlic was used as a medicinal substance with amazing properties. Historical sources in many parts of the world show the historical antiquity of the use of garlic among tribes such as the Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Greeks and Babylonians.

Garlic can be used in different ways. Dried garlic is one of the cheapest products, the most important feature of which is the longer shelf life than fresh garlic. Therefore, buyers of dried garlic prefer to use the dry type, especially in seasons when there is no fresh garlic, in order to use and make it available.

Buy Iranian dried garlic
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